When you think of the most popular dessert in New Jersey, what comes to mind?

Allrecipes says crumb cake is New Jersey's most popular dessert. I'm a HUGE fan.

I can't walk by a piece of crumb cake and not steal a crumb off the top. Can you?

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There's a bakery in New Jersey that in my opinion has the BEST crumb cake ever.

I've never actually been to this bakery, but it's one of my favorite bakeries in the entire state. Let me explain.

Michele Pilenza - Townsquare Media
Michele Pilenza - Townsquare Media

Every holiday my husband's family from North Jersey brings crumb cake from a bakery in Hackensack. I can't get enough of it, it's so good.

You have to get there early. That's what they always say. They talk about how there's often a line wrapped around the corner on holidays because it's THAT good.

The bakery I'm talking about is B&W Bakery in Hackensack. If you live in that area, I'm sure you've heard of it. However, if you don't live in that area there's great news...they deliver nationwide.

It's been around for decades. On their website it says, "Opened over 90 years ago in Hackensack, NJ, B&W Bakery is known for one thing - their legendary New Jersey-style crumb cake."

Michele Pilenza - Townsquare Media
Michele Pilenza - Townsquare Media

Another great bakery, known for their "famous" crumb cake is Mueller's Bakery in Bay Head. Closed for winter break, it opens again March 1st.

Just Crumb Cake in Park Ridge is home to the "best crumb cake on the planet!" Their website says "It's all about the ratio with 2/3 crumb on your cake."

What bakery in New Jersey makes your favorite crumb cake?

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