When you stay at a hotel during a vacation or a business trip, it's key for it to have a great restaurant. And New Jersey is no stranger to great hotel restaurants. But which one is the absolute best?

Restaurant Latour/Crystal Springs Resort
Restaurant Latour/Crystal Springs Resort

That's the kind of answer that takes some very hard work and research to determine, and we are very lucky. the great folks at the Daily Meal did the leg work, or in this case, the stomach work, to determine the answer to this age-old question.

They actually did much more work than that. They determined the best hotel restaurant in every state in the nation.

So, which hotel restaurant takes the cake in the Garden State? Close your eyes, and let yourself travel to the beautiful town of Hamburg.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Hamburg is just about at the border of New York, in lovely Sussex County, and the restaurant/hotel that gets the honor is Restaurant Latour at Crystal Springs Resort.

For some, that's a bit of a road trip, but for others, it's right in their wheelhouse, but either way, the rave reviews make it worth the trip, no matter how long it is.

If you are a fan of wine, this amazing restaurant is a must to put on your restaurant bucket list. It's won the Wine Spectator Grand Award every single year since 2006. That's amazing.

So, are you ready for some caviar, scallop 'udon', and glazed quail? How amazing does that sound? And that's just the tip of the iceberg on this amazing menu.

So, if you are a New Jersey foodie, then you have to add Restaurant Latour to your dining bucket list. Enjoy!

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