One of the many things that the Jersey Shore does right is diners.

Whether you're going for an early morning breakfast or looking to chow down after a night out, these Monmouth County diners are tops.

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Fair warning, after checking out all of these eateries you're going to be craving an omelet and disco fries really bad.

Why are diners so popular in New Jersey?

According to Bon Appetit:

When diners became popular, they were places where working-class communities could get a good, cheap meal to eat at any time of the day. And New Jersey had a very diverse working-class population—and diners became that go-to place to get a good meal.

Barclays Square Princeton makes another good point.

In order to understand the history behind New Jersey’s plethora of diners, you’ll have to go back to 1872, when the first diner was created. Most diners of the time were owned and run by Greek-American immigrant families and were commonly known to be a symbol of American optimism. The all-American diner continues to be a cultural staple that quickly became a ubiquitous and characteristic part of life in the northeastern U.S., particularly in New Jersey.

New Jersey is proud of many things.

Pork roll. That's right, pork roll. We're not having this argument now.

We are proud that we don't have to pump our own gas.

We are also proud of our dynamite diners with their cake displays, booths, and menus that take hours to get all the way through.

Here's are the best in Monmouth County.

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