If you've got a sweet tooth, I have great news for you.

Ocean County is a great place to be. We're fortunate to have a wide variety of local bakeries that are unique in their special ways.

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Can you go wrong Ocean County's traditional Italian bakery and pastry shops' cookies and cannolis?

Some bakeshops will make a cake for any occasion that looks too good to eat.

But who are we kidding, we dive in mouth first anyway.

In Ocean County, we take our crumb cake seriously. Very seriously.

Many say they have the superior coffee cake, but only one in Ocean County gets my vote. Do you think I got it right?

Fun fact. It's not fresh bread, cookies, or pastries that bring in the most dough at your favorite bakeshops. It's cakes.

According to a new survey from bakemag.com, cakes bring in the most money for bakeries. It makes sense based on what goes into the design and customization.

Interestingly, cakes are not what we stop into bakeries for the most.

The most popular bakery item is cookies followed by cakes, muffins and scones, cinnamon rolls, and bread.

Lucky for us, many of the best baked goods are from New York City.

Families have been keeping the tradition going all of these years and all of the sugary goodness has migrated south to Ocean County. Much like many of us transplants.

Did your favorite sweet spot make the list?

Grab a glass of milk and get ready for the best of the best in no particular order.

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