Not only are us humans back at the beach again, but apparently so are the sharks. Just so you know, a great white shark was detected off the Jersey Shore this week again. According to the research group OCEARCH, the shark recently swam through the waters off Island Beach State Park found its way back to our side of the shore.

According to Patch, the shark has been named Andromache. She was "pinged" at 11:29 a.m. Monday when she was about 20 miles off Long Beach Island. The last time she was pinged near our area was back in October.

The reason why people visiting the Jersey Shore should be aware of this is because of the recent accidents that have happened. If you didn't know, the Jersey Shore holds a significant place in the history of sharks, and not in a good way. According to Patch, many people have been killed by sharks in a series of attacks. Although the most recent fatal attack was back in 1926, it is still good to always be on high alert when swimming in the ocean.

If want to track the sharks that swim up to our area, you can!  According to Patch, OCEARCH tags and monitors sharks and other marine creatures all the time to help scientists develop data. Researchers say she has swam 5,505 miles in 165 days. You can specifically watch Andromache's movements and journey by following her at or on Twitter.


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