Have you seen this video yet?  I stumbled upon it on Reddit and my jaw was on the floor. I was shocked by multiple things...the sheer size of this particular great white and the fact that this free diver was swimming along side of it without a cage!!!  I've seen marine biologists in steel cages having plenty of shark encounters that warrant that cage...Ocean Ramsey wants nothing getting in the way of her shark connection. Baller.

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This video is absolutely mind-blowing to me. I just discovered Ocean Ramsey...this woman is AMAZING! If you're like me and fascinated by great white sharks then you'll want to follow her on Instagram too!  I'm so floored by her nerves of steel that I just had to highlight her!

Ocean Ramsey is an author, marine conservationist, scientist, entrepreneur, model, free diver, nonprofit founder, public speaker and maybe a little crazy?  She just encountered a GIANT 20ft Great White Shark and held fins with it!  Yes, swimming next to it was not enough, she held its fin.  Not only is this shark 20 feel long, it is 8 feet wide which would signal to me that he has a pretty good appetite.  That doesn't phase her as she peacefully joins him on a swim.  

I have so much respect for someone who puts their money where their mouth is. Ocean Ramsey believes these creatures are magical and to be respected and not feared and she is alllll in. Better her than me...I will however be following from a safe distance on Instagram in amazement.  Keep doing your thing girl...I'm a HUGE fan!

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