Ugh! I hate reporting things like this. Unfortunately, Big Barlow's BBQ & Catering will be closing its doors after serving customers for two and half years. The restaurant is located at 34 South Main St. in Barnegat and they plan on closing once they run out of food this week...

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A recent Facebook post by Big Barlow's BBQ & Catering:

We want to thank everyone for their support over the last 2.5 years! We have had some great moments and some low moments! We regret to inform everyone that once we run out of food this week we will be closing our doors to the restaurant! Due to the influx in meat prices and shortages on staff we have no control over this.

We have lost far too much money over the last 7 months to make a comeback. We will however offer catering and get back to being mobile over time! we appreciate every single one of y'all and this is not goodbye just a new beginning!

We know many people will be upset by this and we also know that some will be happy. Just know that this was our decision and we accepted it!

This is not fake or a hacker this is real. Again we thank everyone for their support.

Many Ocean County residents are heartbroken. Fran in Ocean County posted on the Big Barlow's Facebook page, "I have no words. Never have I known a business that did so much good…so much humanitarianism….so much compassion for the community. I will never forget your never-ending efforts to feed the nurses, police, firefighters, and even the kitchen staff, the maintenance crews…the list goes on during the Covid crisis."

Emily in Ocean County also said, "Hands down the best food in Manahawkin along with Ray’s. What’s scary is that if you are closing especially being the best of the best in town, I can’t imagine how many more are to follow."

Good luck to the owners and workers at Big Barlow's BBQ, I wish them nothing but the best in their future endeavors! - Jimmy G


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