All eyes are on Sears at The Ocean County Mall as the store is set to close by April. While rumors of what will replace it are circulating, we've learned of a new stand-alone restaurant that will be opening at the mall soon.

BJ's Restaurant
BJ's Restaurant

Have you ever heard of BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse? Neither have I. There's a good reason for that. There's only one other Jersey location and it's up in Teterboro. The TR location will be built in the OC Mall's parking lot area along Hooper Avenue near Sears.

BJ's offers standard pub food like pizza, wings, sandwiches, apps, etc.

After checking out their food pics on Insta, the desserts look pretty amazing. This is called a Pizookie. It's a deep dish cookie. Coming soon, a peanut butter Pizookie topped with chocolate ice cream.

The interesting thing about this BJ's Restaurant and Brewhouse is that there won't be a brewery. You can thank planning boards for the red tape.

As of now, there's no word on when BJ's will be opening but come back here for the latest.

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