There is so much chaos out there in the world right now so whenever we can show you a glimpse of the positive side, I run towards it.

There is a 55-year-old man named Stephen Smith who lives in Neptune and this story is all about him doing good for others.

He had a lot of scrap wood from an old deck and there were so many things he could use this equipment for.

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But what did he choose to use it for? To give back to others in the midst of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

"The Blessing Box" and here is how it works.
(Take a look at a photo shown below)

He leaves the box that he built himself out in front of his home -- which is lives at 97 Hawthorne Ave in Neptune City --  and puts food and other essential supplies in it. Neighbors have the freedom to take what they need.

"There's no judgement and there’s no questions," Smith said. "Some people have asked, 'What can I take?' Whatever you want. Whatever you need."

Smith does have one request: if you have food or other essential supplies to spare to please donate so those in need can continue to be helped.

And if you are in need, Stephen wants you to know that the box is here to help whoever is in need!

Once again, If you are in need or able to donate, he lives at 97 Hawthorne Ave in Neptune City. 

Smith encourages anyone in need to come and get the things they need at any time. A lot of people who are in need of items usually come overnight.

And Stephen will respect your privacy. If his dog is barking, that means someone is stopping off at the box and he leaves you to take what you need.

"If I see someone out there, I don't go out," he said. "This way, no one knows your business."

Stephen will keep The Blessing Box going until it is not needed anymore.

"It doesn’t take a lot to do it," he said. "We’ll keep it until people stop coming."

Stephen...I am humbled by you. This is such an amazing act of kindness that is making all the difference for people in need.

Way to lead by example.

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