Jasmine Rodriguez Townsquare Media
Jasmine Rodriguez Townsquare Media

Have you ever witnessed something so horrific that you couldn’t help but think “Did I really just see this?”? I mean something that you only see in the movies, and yet there right before your very eyes, the insanity is unraveling. Sometimes the adventures I have, seem to be made for movies...I can’t make them up. Would you believe me if I told you I actually witnessed a man holding on to the outside of a moving vehicle yelling at the driver “That’s my girl!”, last night?

What was supposed to be a night of softball warm ups for me with a couple of friends, before the big Townsquare Media softball game, turned into us calling 911 and filling out police accident reports. I am leaving all names out of this blog because at this point they are unnecessary. I am trying to figure out if it’s drugs, mental illness, or the Blood Moon with full lunar eclipse combined with Mars aligning with the Earth today, Friday July 27, 2018 or a combination of all of the above. While we at the Jersey Shore will not be able to see the lunar eclipse happen, we will get to see Mars at it’s brightest around July 31, 2018.

So now to what I saw in Browns Mills, NJ. I legit still do not believe that I saw a white Crown Victoria with a black hood, coming down the road at a fast rate of speed…with a man hanging on the driver’s door for his life… yelling “That’s my girl!”. The car turned left at the stop sign without actually stopping, then headed towards the woods. The woods, mind you, are on the left side of the road. The man continued to hold on as he was dragged, what looked like to be inches from a telephone pole and a tree. At this point I ran to the backstop to get my phone. I immediately called 911. I mean, I can’t just sit there as a man is being dragged down the road. The car apparently made a left at the next stop sign heading towards the main road. After I got off the phone with 911, we decided to take a drive to make sure the guy wasn’t laying on the side of the road. My one friend stayed at the ball field just in case the police came to talk to us, and the other friend came with me. When we got to the main road I saw the man lying in the shoulder of the road. The police were on the scene by then. I parked the car then we headed to the scene. There were a couple of bystanders and multiple police officers began to arrive. We began to give our statement, when the man that was hanging from the car got up and was going to go after the driver of the vehicle. The officers told him to sit back down…

I swear, this was a story made for tv. The plot thickens here. Let me introduce the characters. We will call the man hanging on the car John, the girl Jane and the driver will be called Driver. John is late 50s I assume, Jane is early 20’s, and driver is probably late 30’s. John and Jane are boyfriend and girlfriend. Jane is a prostitute in a rough South Jersey town. Driver may be a pizza delivery guy, but do not quote me on that. Jane runs out of cigarettes, John refuses to give her money so she decides to go work for it at a nearby car wash with Driver. Are ya following me?! John catches Jane in the act, tells her to get out of the car and she refuses. Driver takes off and John hangs on. SERIOUSLY?!!! John hung on to that car for what I would call a 3 block U, including a run off into a wooded area. Driver was ticketed for Reckless Driving and John went in an ambulance. I didn’t see where Jane went.

So now do you see where I question the Moon and Mars creating crazy things to happen, or did John and Jane do one too many drugs? Who in their right mind…never mind. I am thinking we definitely need more mental health facilities and definitely more drug treatment centers! MIND BLOWN!

I am hoping that this Blood Moon and Mars situation doesn’t affect people too much. I do not know if I can take any more horrific visuals.