If you are a stargazer like me, then you will love this Friday night. I remember "star gazing" with my kids in our backyard when they were little. We had an inexpensive telescope and we would go out to check out the stars and of course the full moon when they would occur. The kids loved it and it was a peaceful way to spend an evening outdoors.

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By the way, wanna give a shout-out to my friends over at the Novins Planetarium on the Toms River campus of Ocean County College. If you want a fantastic night of stargazing then you have to attend a show at the Novins Planetarium, it is a magical experience and very comfy :)

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Shawn Michaels


This Friday night we may be in for a fantastic night of stargazing here at the Jersey Shore in Ocean, Burlington, and Monmouth Counties. This Friday, the 19th, we will have a Full Beaver Moon. Not only a "full" moon but a partial lunar eclipse. The partial eclipse makes the moon known as a "blood" moon for its color. So Friday we have a Full Beaver Blood Moon.

In fact according to Space.com ... " the Beaver Moon partial lunar eclipse on Nov. 19 will be the longest of the century." The weather forecast, at this time, looks to be good for a view of the Full Beaver Blood Moon. Already you can see the moon big a beautiful in the night sky this week. Friday nights forecast is calling for mostly clear skies but stay warm with lows near 29. I know I'll be out there with my camera :)

By the way, the actual eclipse will be early Friday morning in our Eastern Time Zone with mid-eclipse around 4:02 am but sky conditions may not be great.


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