Well this only happens 'once in a blue moon' and will add to the Halloween ambiance this month, setting a mood for trick-or-treaters!

A Blue Moon is rare to begin with, but to fall on Halloween is even less likely.

A Halloween Blue Moon will rise on Oct. 31st. What's crazy is that a FULL moon appearing on Halloween only occurs about once every 18 years!!!

And a BLUE moon only occurs about once every 3 years

That's what makes the collision of these three things (Halloween + Full Moon + Blue Moon) such an incredibly rare event.

In case you're not sure what a Blue Moon is, it's when there is a second full moon within a month, since full moons usually only happen with at least a month's separation.(The first full moon this October just passed -- it was on the 1st.)

PS... Blue Moon is just the name. Not the color. So the moon won't look blue.

And in case you want to mark your calendars for the next one -- you won't be able to see another Blue Moon until Aug. 31st of 2023.

What I think is even more rare for Halloween 2020 is that there may not be much trick-or-treating due to the pandemic that won't die.

Although I have been seeing lots of great Halloween decorations around town, it remains to be seen whether our governor and our towns will allow any Halloween traditions and festivities due to Covid, which is still spreading despite our desire to act as if we can get on with life as usual.

Let's hope that for those with young kids, you can still find creative ways to keep your children safe from the virus yet celebrate this spooky-fun holiday!

PS...Mars is shining extra bright this month, too!

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