You know you can trust me for a good time, right? Funnyman Bobby Collins is coming to the House of Independents in Asbury Park Saturday, May 12th. Here’s your chance to laugh so hard, you’ll barely be able to catch your breath!

I’ve been following Bobby Collins since he was the host of VH1’s Stand-Up Spotlight and local appearances at Rascal’s Comedy Club on Highway 35 in Ocean Township. Remember Rascals?! I still have my “Out of Bounds” t-shirt. The native New Yorker shares stories from his childhood we can all relate to and finds humor in trending issues. His audiences are multi-generational as everyone can connect with his charismatic storytelling style.

If you’re a true Bobby Collins fan, than you know what I mean by the catchphrase “…on the inside…” And the joke, “eat around it” about the head in his baked macaroni and cheese. Or his take on people with multiple facial piercings that look as if they fell into a tackle box!

Bobby Collins will tell you the rest at the House of Independence May 12th. Click here for ticket information and details. See you at the show.

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