In November I moved to my Belmar condo. It has been a fantastic six months living off of Main St. The location, the businesses, the beach, you can't beat the Belmar lifestyle, it's the best. I am from Wall Township, so I have been hanging out in Belmar my entire life, but now that I am settled in my new place, I am totally buying into being a Belmar local. Everything from grabbing a thin crust Federici's on 10th pizza pie to surfing in front the Eastern Lines Surf Shop, I have everything I want and need in Belmar. The summer is coming, and I seriously can't wait!

With that, I was pleasantly startled to be called a quirky nickname that only Belmar locals know. I have heard this nickname be used only a few times before and this time it was directed towards me...

Brooke Denevan-Unsplash
Brooke Denevan-Unsplash
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I was in a work meeting with a couple of new clients, and I told them where I live and what I do. One guy we were doing business with leaned over and called me a "Belmartian". There isn't an exact definition for Belmartian, but if I had to guess, it's someone who spends a ton of time in their own world and that world is Belmar. After the guy called me a Belmartian, I laughed. I took it as a compliment, even though it sounded like an insult. I mean come on, I live near the beach and live in a fun area, no way is being called a Belmartian an insult, right?!

What would your definition of a Belmartian be? Have you ever been called a Belmartian? Do you think being called a Belmartian is an insult? COMMENT & SHARE! I put together a list of the 15 places I am extremely thankful for in Belmar. See below!

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