Out of nowhere, Bobby's Burger Palace at Monmouth Mall in Eatontown has closed its doors for good.

Puzzled patrons walked up to the papered up windows of Chef Bobby Flay's burger joint on Monday only to find a sign on the door that read "Thank You For Your Business."

It was only this past summer that Bobby appeared at his Palace to celebrate 10 years in business.

Why the popular restaurant shut its doors still has a question mark on it. No one has received official word from Monmouth Mall or Bobby's Burger Palace. As noted by APP, the Eatontown location was quietly removed from Bobby's website and the Monmouth Mall website.

Bobby's at Freehold Raceway Mall is still open.

There is speculation that it may have something to do with the massive transformation that Monmouth Mall will be undergoing in the near future.

[source: APP]

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