As the government shutdown continues, so do the needs of Jersey Shore residents who are not getting a paycheck. Jon Bon Jovi wants to help out.

Wednesday from noon-2 p.m., JBJ Soul Kitchen is offering furloughed Federal employees a free meal.

JBJ Soul Kitchen will also be offering additional resources and support for our neighbors in need.

Along with the Murphy Family Foundation, the Red Soul Kitchen opened Monday to feed the government employees that are being left hanging.

A local woman who is married to a member of the Coast Guard told NBC Philadelphia that she stood in the 7-degree cold with her three children waiting for a meal because her husband isn't getting a paycheck.

Kudos to all of the local companies and organizations that are stepping up and making this difficult time for some a little easier. OceanFirst Bank, for example. OceanFirst customers experiencing financial hardship due to the U.S. Government shutdown should contact their Mortgage Relief Team at 732.240.4500 x7714 for possible assistance.

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