Major changes could be coming to Brick within the next decade.

If you haven't noticed, there is not a copious amount of sidewalks or bicycle lanes in Brick.

According to, "'There is more than 367 miles of roadway in Brick and only 203 miles -- or 55 percent -- have sidewalks,' said senior planner at the state Department of Community Affairs, Ramond Joseph."

A plan has been proposed to make the roads in Brick safer for those traveling by foot and by bicycle.

Here is what Brick officials are considering:

  • Installing pedestrian and bicycle paths along Route 70, Cedar Bridge Road, Brick Boulevard as well as the Jersey Central Power & Light Co. utility path.
  • New wheelchair-accessible curb ramps at intersections.
  • New pedestrian crossings throughout the township.
  • Separate bicycle lanes on state and county roads.
  • Modifying the town's parking, sidewalk and driveway rules.
  • Create new bicycle routes through Greenbriar I, Route 88, Jack Martin Boulevard, Lanes Mills Road and other busy roads.

Currently, a very small portion of the population in Brick account for those that commute to and from work on a bicycle or on foot but officials do hope that adding the proper safety precautions could encourage more to do so which is better for the environment.

Now of course, there is a catch.

To transform Brick into a safer Jersey Shore town, the estimated cost is about $3 million!

This safety plan is now expected to be presented to the Township Council for a vote but no specific date has been announced.

But of course once we know, we will let you know!

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