That's better. After last weekend, I think everybody was worried about another weekend wash out, but that certainly didn't happen. This was a good old sunny, hot summer weekend at the Jersey Shore.

As more weekends like that happen, and we hope it happens every weekend, more businesses get back on track and tourists and residents alike get to see just how many shore businesses and restaurants are, in fact, open for business.

Many businesses reported a good weekend last weekend, even though the weather didn't cooperate at the start of the weekend, so this weekend is probably going to be good news as well. And that news is good news for all of us.

I'm glad things worked out weather wise this weekend. I am rooting hard for a good summer for our local businesses. I am also rooting hard for all of our neighbors still trying to rebuild after Sandy. I can't wait until everybody gets the help they need and gets back on track, so we can all enjoy a Jersey Shore summer together.

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