Chances are most of us have enjoyed a meal at a Perkins over the years.

Sadly, another area Perkins has closed, but an exciting new restaurant is taking its place.

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Perkins came from humble beginnings.

They started in 1958 as a single pancake house in Ohio. Now, there are over 300 Perkins locations in 32 states.

Comfort food is the best, and Perkins always did a really good job with it at a really affordable price.

While breakfast food is Perkins's specialty, they offer burgers, soups, and salads as well.

We can't forget the iconic Perkins Bakery where you'll find their famous pie.

Google Maps
Google Maps

On Monday, the Perkins Freehold Facebook page broke the news that after 30 years of service, they would be closing.

After 30 years of serving our community, we have officially closed our doors. We want to thank our entire staff & patrons for supporting us throughout the years. A huge thank you to our staff throughout the years for always working so hard to keep our Perkins franchise location the committed and consistent establishment it was up until today. We are sad to know that we will not see all of these familiar faces each & every day.

Owner Ted Petrou reportedly be focusing on the family's other business.

Google Maps
Google Maps

That's right, the incredible Marlboro Diner, just down the road on Route 9.

All of the best to the Petrou family and Perkins Freehold staff members.

So what is this "incredibly popular over-the-top" restaurant that is taking over Perkins?

Have you heard of Brownstone Pancake Factory?

Google Maps
Google Maps

Everything about Brownstone Pancake Factory is, well, unique.

From the restaurant decor...

Brownstone Pancake Factory
Brownstone Pancake Factory
loading... the imaginative menu items like their monstrous waffles.

That's the Kit-Kat waffle with full candy bars included. It's all served on top of a waffle ice cream sandwich.

The milkshakes are next level as well.

That is the epic Strawberry Shortcake Pop-Tart Shake. You'll find a strawberry shortcake ice cream bar, strawberry Pop-Tart, and cotton candy on top of a milkshake that is in there somewhere.

Last but not least, the pancakes that made Brownstone Pancake Factory famous.

This one I will need to try. An ode to Elvis, these pancakes are topped with bananas, bacon, and peanut butter drizzle.

Speaking to "What's Going There's" David P. Willis of APP, the owner of Brownstone Pancake Factory raved about the success he's been having at the Brick location.

A Freehold location only made sense. If everything stays on track, look for a grand opening sometime this fall.

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