There are literally hours left before the big day is here. And if you have last-minute gifts that you have to grab just before the buzzer, then you need to lean on our great local businesses to get it done for you, and here's why.

Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash
Photo by Erik Mclean on Unsplash

Let's start with the obvious. You can't make an online purchase at this point for the most part. And even if you're told you'll get it in time, are you willing to take the chance? What are your options if it doesn't arrive?

So, then we all have the urge to race to a box store. We love our box stores, and for good reason. What would we do without them, right? But in this particular instance, the last-minute Jersey Shore shopping, getting to one of your favorite local stores.

Even if you get a gift card to one of those great local places, think about all the good you're doing for our community. You will be putting some cash in the hands of a local business person who has spent the last two years in fear that the business might not make it.

And you also encourage someone on your list to head into that local business to redeem that gift card. Bingo. New customer. And if it happens to be a restaurant, that tip is going to make the wait staff happy, too. Everybody wins.

I've talked to several business owners around the Shore, and it's been well needed, well-deserved good holiday season for them, so congratulations to us for that. Now let's finish strong.

Those local businesses will appreciate your last-minute business more than you'll ever know. It's like giving a gift and buying one at the same time.

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