For some, Halloween is a time to dress up in a costume and get your spooky on. And for others, it is time to chow down on all types of candy until you pass out from sugar overload.

Well, if you are going to pig out on candy, you might as well eat the best of the best. Check out the top Candy Stores that are a must try for this upcoming Halloween season!

1. Dylan's Candy Bar

Where: 1011 Third Ave (at 60th St., New York, NY 10065

This spot is great because of the vast variety that you have to choose from. They have chocolate bars, hand-dipped snacks, plus the option TO make personalized gifts and 3D candy printing! I will have one of everything please.

2. M&M's World

Where: 1600 Broadway, Theater District, New York, NY

M&M World is perfect for those of you with a chocolate obsession. There is every color M&M that you can imagine and you can even customize your very own M&M. Now, this may not be the original reason that you go but there is so much more besides the chocolate. There is other apparel that would allow you to bring your M&M pals with you at anytime of the day.

3. Hanna Krause Candy

Where: 2220 Route 37 E., Toms River, NJ 08753

This chocolate specialty store will have any shape that your heart desires. There are footballs, motorcycles, and even animals. If you have some dietary restrictions, they also offer sugar free options.

4. Stutz Candy

Where: 25th & Boulevard, Ship Bottom, NJ 08008

Did someone say fudge? Give their chocolate fudge a try -- I dare you! Not to mention, their amazingly delicious best sellers including various chocolate covered pretzels with M&M's and sprinkles. Looking to thank some coworkers?  Check out their corporate gift baskets that can have everyone in the office happy with a piece of delicious chocolate in their hand.

5. IT'Sugar

Where: 1 Atlantic Ocean, Unit 1110, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

A lot of you may like candy, but really only have those to die for cravings for a specific type. Well say hello to your savior. IT'Sugar carries those humongous boxes of your favorite candy so you can have sugar overload for days on end. You can thank me later.

6. Jagielky's Homemade Chocolates

Where: 8018 Ventnor Avenue, Margate NJ

After 40 years in the business, let's just say that Jagielky's Homemade Chocolates knows what they are doing when it comes to gourmet candy. They have dark, milk, and white chocolate blends down to a science and uses that very base to create other fan favorites that can be used to make a gift basket!

7. Country Kettle Fudge

Where: 20th St. & Long Beach Blvd., Surf City, NJ 08008

Ahh, fudge! The delectable treat that can work for just about every occasion. Weddings, a girls night in, or even just a lazy Sunday afternoon! So, grab yourself a bar of fudge and you are good to go. And don't forget to add a side of Laffy Taffy to go with it.

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