This couple thought of a fun and unique way for their little nephew to remember them!

With all the warnings about not gathering with loved ones this holiday season in order for us to try and remain safe while covid numbers are up, this idea made me smile.

Meet (the giant pictures of) Malcom, Anna, and their very real and precious nephew Oliver. The couple had to move across the country recently, leaving them far away and hoping that, through technology and virtual conversations, they can keep a close relationship with this precious child in-between visits.

But instead of using only facetime, apps, and zoom.....they gave something much more charming to this litttle boy: Giant cut-outs of their faces -- on popsicle sticks!

Now when Ollie's mom finds that her little boy wants to have a pretend-picnic in his playroom with 'Aunt Bear and Malc,' she props up their stick figure heads inside some rain boots and, voila!, this little boy gets to imagine his aunt and uncle are there with him. I only wish I could hear the adorable conversations he must have with them over what looks like a can of beans and perhaps some juice and fruit, lol.

(Photo courtesy of Nancy Reamy)

So instead of lamenting not being in the same room with your family this holiday season, perhaps you can take a note from this family and make the best of it. After all, wouldn't you love to receive an unexpected package in the mail and open it to find your favorite relatives have indeed decided to 'join' you for Thanksgiving or Christmas?! Now that'll put a smile on your face :)

Brilliant! I will be sending popsicle blow-up photos of my boys to their grandparents, for sure. can even go for the full-body life-size cutouts HERE.

(PS....Anna is our Traffic reporter Nancy Reamy's daughter, and Nancy's other daughter, Megan, is the mom of little Ollie.)

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