Something new and shiny is coming to the Jersey Shore and along with it could be your car as well.

Spark Car Wash, which has locations in Sicklerville and Woodland Park, is adding four other car washes in the Garden State.

The company says they have an environmentally friendly way of cleaning vehicles, including filtering and reusing the water previously used to wash cars.

(Picture/Rendering courtesy of Lacey Township Government)
(Picture/Rendering courtesy of Lacey Township Government)

Along with that, there's a high-tech tunnel and different membership options including one where you pay once a month and get as many car washes as you want.

The additional New Jersey locations will be coming to Woodbridge, Mount Holly, Ledgewood, and in Lacey — where the Planning Board this fall approved the company's application to develop the property.

The pending location for the Spark Car Wash in Lacey will be along the northeast corner of Haines Street and Route 9/North Main Street in the Lanoka Harbor section of the township, where there is currently some vacated wooded land.

(Picture/Rendering courtesy of Lacey Township Government)
(Picture/Rendering courtesy of Lacey Township Government)


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There has yet to be an opening date announced by Spark Car Wash for the Lacey location or the other new sites across New Jersey.

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