Live events are finally back. After being put on hold for over a year, due to COVID, all the things we love like games an concerts are finally happening again.

The Wells Fargo Center has once again opened its door to fans. Harry Styles is bringing his tour to the stadium tonight, then the Philadelphia Eagles will face off the San Francisco 49ers next door at the Lincoln Financial Field this Sunday.

Everything is the same, yet so different. For one for certain events, guests are required to wear face masks at the Wells Fargo Center. Harry Styles has made it a requirement for his entire tour that all attendees must wear a mask plus be vaccinated. If you aren't vaccinated you have to show proof of a negative Covid test that was given to you 48 hours before the concert.

Another change that is coming to the Wells Fargo Center is one that is in place for all events. It was just announced that cash will no longer be accepted in the parking lots. So this means anyone attending events at the Wells Fargo Center and Lincoln Financial Field will have to pay with a card when it comes to parking in certain lots. According to CBS Philly, lots A through H will be the ones only accepting cards as a form of payment.

Why are they doing this? Officials haven't stated exactly why, but we can assume it might have something to do with Covid. The city is still taking precautions in order to keep guests safe. And going paperless can limit the amount of contact tracing.


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