We've all driven by this on Rt. 9 in Waretown a million times.

At the the ShopRite in Waretown plaza sits this dreamy home that is terribly run down right in the ShopRite plaza. It's rather weird, and I can't believe I never noticed this before. It's something that I drive-by all the time and I've been to the Waretown ShopRite many times and never noticed, until my co-worker JB told me about it. I said, "What?" He said, "Yes! It's sitting right there in the ShopRite Plaza."

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I just couldn't believe it, I've been to the ShopRite and of course, the buffet, that's right in the shopping center. The shopping center is called Waretown Town Square, 501 Rt. 9 in Waretown.

As you can see, it's someone's dream home. How adorable is this house? A wrap around porch, a beautiful entry way, but no drive-way. It's so strange. Why is this dream sitting right next to the ShopRite?

JB, Townsquare Media
JB, Townsquare Media

A beautiful house in the ShopRite plaza and you don't have to drive to the supermarket, your groceries are 20 feet away from your home.

Did someone live here? Was it ever lived in? Right now to look at the outside of the house it's all rundown. The weeds are growing up the house, it's a shame. The porch needs some help and the railings. But, boy what a beauty this house once was.

Carol from the Our Little Waretown Facebook group wonders what I do, why would steps be going in the front window? Great question. Louisa from the Facebook group says it's been there for the 11 years she's lived in Waretown.

Why does this (at one time a beautiful) house sit in the ShopRite Plaza? I'd love to let everyone know that drives by it everyday and wonders the same thing.

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