We found out some answers about Der Wunder Weiner coming to Bayville.

I wrote an article several months ago about Wunder Weiner will be back and better than ever just down the road a little bit on Rt. 9 in Bayville. We want Der Wunder Weiner back. More and more work is being done so it looks like we're getting closer and closer.

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Wunder Weiner, which was once in the former Beachwood Mall Plaza in Berkeley Township, will be moved down a little bit South on Rt 9 in the vacant lot between Black Beard's Cave and Fuller's Marina. The owner Jerry LaCrosse was hurt badly when a car drove into the food truck. After this horrible accident, the community came together to help raise money for the LaCrosse family and Mr. LaCrosse always said Der Wunder Weiner will be built again. I'm really, really hoping this is true.

Sue Moll, Townsquare Media
Sue Moll, Townsquare Media

This was and is all speculation until now. WE FINALLY HAVE SOME ANSWERS. Thanks to Joel Balazinski, Sr., owner of JB Custom Contracting, who is the general contractor of the new Der Wunder Weiner. He recently emailed me and gave me the good news. Wunder Weiner is definitely coming to Bayville. The address of where Der Wunder Weiner will eventually be is 108 Atlantic City Blvd. (Rt. 9) in Bavyille.

Mr. Balazinski continued to tell me: "We've seen and heard a lot of rumors about when the new "Der Wunder Weiner" was going to reopen, but factually, no one knew for certain even up to a year ago when or how it was going to happen. Everything was merely speculative. Today I can say with confidence that the time is "within reach and not far off", but I'm reluctant to give an exact date since there will still be an inspection process and some set-up once the wagon is delivered to the site. I'd like to thank everyone in Gerry LaCrosse's corner, for all of the continued support and pouring out of love and loyalty."

This is such great news. I can't thank Joel Balazinski, Sr. enough for all of the correct information so we don't have to guess anymore. We will always stand behind Der Wunder Weiner, and I know everyone is excited about the re-opening location and the delicious hot dogs. We still don't have an opening date, but it's definitely getting closer and closer to that big opening date.

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