Thank goodness they didn't wait until 2022 to fix Rt. 9 through Bayville, Beachwood, Pine Beach, and Lacey.

Some parts of Rt. 9 are not paved, yet...but the areas that are, WOW it's smooth. It hasn't been like this in Bayville for years.

I know it took a while and Rt. 9 was always horrible for years, it's time to enjoy the drive finally, on Rt. 9. The majority of Rt. 9 in Bayville has been paved. One side if not both are paved.

It's paved through almost all of Bayville. When driving north on Rt. 9 in Bayville, the paving ends right in front of Berkeley Township Sewer Authority. The south side of Rt. 9 is paved. As you keep traveling down Rt. 9, it's paved past QuickChek.

Pine Beach, Beachwood, and Lacey both lanes of Rt. 9 will be paved before the New Year. If you remember, this project from the New Jersey Department of Transportation was going to begin in 2022 they now want it done before the New Year through Berkeley Township, Beachwood, Pine Beach, and Lacey Township.

Remember when the roads were horrible, and they were for years and I feel they just got worse and worse, you can report pothole damage to your car by clicking here. So many people's cars and tires were damaged because of Rt. 9 through these towns.

When reporting a damage claim to the state of NJ, remember to be sure what kind of road it is. Meaning local, county, or a state highway. And, another helpful hint if you have problems on the Garden State Parkway or the New Jersey Turnpike, click here. There are different places for you to check, I would first check the official site of the Department of Transportation for New Jersey.

Enjoy your smooth ride on Rt. 9.

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