Diane and I backed out of the driveway last night to go grab some dinner, and as we did, we looked over our outdoor decorations. I would call them subtle. Red bows and some lights. Really nice. But I have to admit, as we drove to dinner, it was the over-the-top decorations that were catching my eye.

 We drove around a little bit and many of the decorations were subtle, but the over-the-top ones were really fun. You know the ones, multi colored lights and lots of blinking and spinning things. The kind of decorations that make you squint a little. And the really good ones force you to hold one hand up in front of your eyes.

When I see those homes, the first thing I think of is that the kids must love it! Not so sure about all the neighbors, but the kids must love it. At one point, we drove by a particularly bright house and I said to Diane, "If you're gonna do it, might as well go all the way." 

For me the bottom line is it's good see those able to do it, getting a little celebrating in after all the Jersey Shore has been through. It makes me feel good, and I've heard from some people who were devastated by the storm that they're enjoying seeing the lights and decorations, and that makes me feel even better.