Not everybody is sad Halloween is over. Santa just couldn't wait for that calendar to turn past October.

It seemed like at the very moment the kids were dodging raindrops to get their Halloween candy, aisle 1 at many stores was being invaded by snowmen, elves, and the entire Claus family.

There's no doubt this wasn't the first appearance of the Christmas stuff. The big chain stores had the holiday spirit weeks ago, some even dedicating entire sections to Christmas.

The season has been getting extended a little each year over the past few years, but I have to tell you, it doesn't bother me. Maybe I'm getting used to it, or maybe it's just that Christmas, my favorite holiday of the year by the way, goes way too fast. Too much hustle and bustle means too much stress, and when you're stressed you're not enjoying it as much.

I think no matter when we see our first tree or decorations, our reaction will be "already??", but I do have one request. Can we at least wait until the back to school sales are over next year? At least give us that.