Cue the tears because the holiday season is over. I know...I am sad too.

But if you used a real Christmas tree this year, DON'T just simply throw them out because they are biodegradable which means that they can easily be reused for various different things.

If this can be another resource, we might as well take advantage of it.


According to the National Christmas Tree Association, a lot of towns recycle Christmas trees and there are drop-off recycling centers all over the place. They can use them for wood chips, to create pathways in parks, or be given to other homeowners for landscaping.


There are plenty of organizations that want your used Christmas trees after the holiday season is over. Certain places will even pick up your tree for you but do your research because certain places may have size restrictions. Take a look HERE at a list of various recycling programs.

Bird Sanctuary

I know this one sounds a little out there but it is really simple to make and is another way for you to give back to our environment. Simply put the tree next to a bird feeder so they have a place to nest.

Local Zoos

Keep in mind that your local zoos or anywhere that must care for wildlife might be in need of your former Christmas tree for food or to recreate certain environments. Even if they don't have anything posted, it may be worth it to reach out to various locations and ask, especially if you are an animal lover.

Personal Use

A Christmas tree could be used for various things around the house. The green could be used to protect various gutters or perennials around the house and the bark could be used as fire wood or carved into whatever your heart desires.

Click HERE, HERE, and HERE to take a look at the original articles and for more resources of what to do with your Christmas tree.

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