Not too long ago, we gave you all a heads up that clinging jellyfish were being spotted at the Jersey Shore.

Well, here is an update -- it looks like it is getting worse because now the dangerous jellyfish species are being spotted all over the Jersey Shore.

The most recent sightings have occurred near Island Beach State Park and along Barnegat Bay where two swimmers were stung and had to be sent to the ER. The stings were not life threatening but the two patients were administered morphine for the pain.

If you are stung by a Clinging Jellyfish, follow these steps:

  • Apply white vinegar to the affected area to immobilize any remaining stinging cells.
  • Rinse the area with salt water and remove any remaining tentacle materials using gloves or a thick towel.
  • A hot compress or cold pack can then be applied to alleviate pain.
  • If symptoms persist or pain increases instead of subsiding, seek prompt medical attention.

If  you do spot a Clinging Jellyfish, take a photograph if you can do so safely and then send it along with the location to Dr. Paul Bologna at or Joseph Bilinski at

Take a look at the original article at and stay safe out there!

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