Dangerous jellyfish that first appeared at the Jersey Shore in 2016 have returned already.

They are known as "clinging" jellyfish, and they're extremely small. Most are the size of a quarter, some can be as small as a dime.

But don't let their size fool you. Those stung by a "clinging" jellyfish can experience extreme pain and flu-like symptoms. Some have been hospitalized after an encounter with these jellyfish.

According to the Asbury Park Patch, researchers from Montclair University found 40 clinging jellyfish in "The Hook," just off Monmouth Beach. The state is now searching surrounding areas for more of these jellyfish.

The good news is that clinking jellyfish tend not to be found in sandy oceans. They are mostly found in back bays and estuaries.

The DEP is asking the public to use caution in the areas where the jellyfish have been spotted.

The DEP adds if stung by a clinging jellyfish one should:

  • Apply white vinegar to the affected area to immobilize any remaining stinging cells.
  • Rinse the area with salt water and remove any remaining tentacle materials using gloves or a thick towel.
  • A hot compress or cold pack can then be applied to alleviate pain.
  • If symptoms persist or pain increases instead of subsiding, seek prompt medical attention.

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