I love a story where someone refuses to give up on an animal after making a promise to love them.

Sally Williams from Rumson loves cats. Adores them, to be honest. She has plenty of her own, and goes around helping others with their pets and volunteering at shelters in the Monmouth/Ocean area. (More on that later.)

Sally met Merriweather four years ago at a local shelter where she volunteers. She fell in love with this sweet girl the first time she got next to her and was head-butted by this sassy girl!

(Merriweather, photo by Sally Williams)
(Merriweather, photo by Sally Williams)

But Merriweather has had a serious issue with litterboxes and was returned to the shelter time and again after being adopted. Sally made a promise to this precious and loving cat that she would never give up on her.

Sally  had a very strong feeling that Merriweather had a medical problem that was affecting her when it came to litterbox problems. After much testing, doctors have finally determined (four years after Sally voiced her suspicions) that poor Merriweather has been suffering all of this time with two perineal hernias. Poor thing!!!

The great news is that because Sally refused to give up on Merriweather, this lucky cat has been scheduled for surgery on Aug. 19th. Once she recovers, she will need a forever home, but for now Sally is asking for any donations she can get to help with the approximate $5000 needed to cover surgery and recovery.

Many thanks to all of the volunteers that have shown such love to Merriweather and a special thanks to the foster mom that's been taking such good care of her in Colts Neck.

CLICK HERE for more on this story and to make a donation.

For more info on Sally Williams (who I lovingly call the 'Cat Whisperer') and her non-profit that helps pets with cancer, CLICK HERE.


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