Comcast users in New Jersey are not going to be happy.

First let me thank Chris Coleman from our sister station, Cat Country 107.3 for this kind of unfortunate news tip.

If you are a Comcast or Xfinity customer, your bill may soon go up big time.

That is because these powerhouse companies are limiting how much Internet Data you can use before they start stacking up additional fees against you.

According to their website, if you are not enlisted in their Unlimited Data Plan, "1.2 terabytes (TB) of Internet data usage each month [is what is included in] your monthly Xfinity Internet service."

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Once you exceed the 1.2 TB of data, you will be charged $10 additional dollars for each 50 GB of data that is used.

But there is some good news: "Maximum monthly overage charges will not exceed $100, no matter how much data a customer uses each month."

For the month of January and February in 2021, Comcast Xfinity customers are being given a break by giving customers who do exceed this data threshold "complimentary credits."

As sucky of an announcement that this is, at least you will have a month or two to gage how much data you use on the regular.

Beginning in March, Comcast Xfinity customers will be sent a warning when they get close to surpassing the data limit. Alerts will be sent out when 75%, 90% and 100% of the data has been used.

And another piece of information to note is that Comcast Xfinity said that this policy change will only affect a very small percentage of customers.

"It is important to know about 95% of our customers are not likely to be impacted by this plan. Customers can continue to stream, surf, and download without worry. Only about 5% of our customers use more than 1.2 TB of data in a month."

But like....come onnnnn Comcast. You are going to add on additional fees for at-home internet users during a pandemic when everyone is quarantining? Really?

Are they just trying to get all customers to switch to their Unlimited Data Package? I think so....

For more information on Comcast's recent policy change, take a look at,, and

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