Plaza 35 is soon to be home to an awesome golf experience!

Golf Kings NJ is bringing you indoor golf with a simulator lounge that can make it seem like you are playing on all of the major golf courses around the world!

This is the ultimate golf experience, with live analytics and stats on your every swing. One radar system will track everything your golf club does before, during, and after it hits the ball including angle and swing direction, while a second radar tracks the ball flight from launch to landing.

You will be able to bring your own clubs or rent. Golf shoes won't be required.  You can golf alone or with your friends (each bay will hold up to 8 with the software, but 4 is recommended) for an hour/18 holes.

You'll be able to get lessons with a private instructor and book private events...perhaps even a Bachelor party or Girl's Night Out!

No word yet on when this place will open, but the sign says this fall. It sounds pretty awesome for both golf lovers and those who would like to learn the sport.

The Plaza 35/K-Mart Shopping Center is located at 1825 Rt. 35 in Wall at the intersection of 18th Ave. So far Golf Kings just has a sign in the window but hopefully, they will be up and running soon!

For more info on Golf Kings NJ, CLICK HERE. And to follow their progress on Facebook, CLICK HERE.




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