Pet owners who protested the changes to Fisherman's Cove, also known as "Dog Beach," in Manasquan are celebrating a small victory today as a compromise was reached.

dog on beach
Mark Balyshev

The Monmouth County Park System has decided to create two sections in the area, one for dogs and their owners, and another section for those who want to enjoy the free beach area animal-free.

Starting June 22, the front (east) section will be dog-friendly, while the back (west) section will be pet-free.

There will be signs and fencing put up to clearly divide the areas, but it is important to note that going forward, very strict leash laws will be enforced.

Until June 22, the current restrictions on dogs remain in effect daily from 10a-4p.

It seems like a good compromise for all users, and enforcing the leash rule should make it safer and more enjoyable for everyone who wants to enjoy Fisherman's Cove.

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