Way to go Jake! We are so proud of you!

Remember the happy, sad, quiet, and triumphant moments, for this is the fabric of your life. From Winter King to winning in Nashville with Chorus, to Singing in Disney, to Masters Choir and winning the WOBM Christmas Carol Off. to Home Coming Court, to Baseball and Football, to Shot Put and those unforgettable pep rallies, your high school career was breathtaking and a joy to behold. We cannot wait to see your adventure unfold at Rider University.


Once and Indian Always and Indian!

Love Dad, Mom, Olivia & Key, Grandma Ruth & Grandpa Ed, Aunt Anita & family, Aunt Carol & family, Aunt Joanne & family, Aunt Rachel, Uncle Bill & family, Aunt Deb, Uncle Dave & family, Uncle Scott & Aunt Diane & family.

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