The advertising geniuses are at it again!

But are they getting exactly what they want with what is being called 'the most racist ad ever'?

The fine folks at PepsiCo have already pulled their newest Mountain Dew commercial after the interwebs blew up with criticism shortly after posting it online.

Pepsi teamed up with rapper Tyler the Creator to make a series of ads. In this 'sequel,' a badass goat (seriously) and the white waitress he beat up in the hunt for the high-caf soda in a previous Dew ad return.

The woman is seen battered and on crutches, seemingly next to a police officer, while on the other side of the glass, the goat stands in a lineup next to several black men, looking like stereotypical thugs.

The woman gets increasingly frightened and intimidated, while her attacker...the goat...says things in a deep raspy voice like, 'You better not snitch on a playa...' and, 'Keep your mouth shut.'

The whole thing is so ridiculous, I can't really take it seriously...but obviously this is the dumbest ad that was ever made.

Or was it?

It's actually pretty smart. Since the ad was pulled, Pepsi doesn't have to pay anyone to air the commercial...but thanks to the internet, it's still available everywhere AND everyone is talking about it.

Will it discourage some people from buying the soda? Probably.

I'm sure just as many people are now thinking about Mountain Dew though, which is the point of advertising.

Stereotypes are everywhere: blondes portrayed as dumb, dads portrayed as inept parents, Jersey Shore residents portrayed as over-the-top alcoholic partiers, etc. I just wonder why we get so much more up in arms about some stereotypes as opposed to others.

My biggest problem with the ad is that it's just not funny. A battered woman scared to death of accusing her attacker? HILARIOUS!

Moralists will say the person and/or people who allowed this ad to move forward should be fired...but ad professionals would probably think they deserve a raise. Ah, business.

What do you think of the ad? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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