It's the most talked about wedding since Kimye! A woman's controversial decision on how to include her daughter on her big day has everyone talking.

Tennessee bride Shona Carter-Brooks is making headlines everywhere after a picture of her walking down the aisle went viral.

The reason? Her dress...because her newborn baby was strapped to it.

1-month-old was somehow attached to the fluffy fabric of the dress's train, and then dragged behind the bride as she walked towards her groom.

The bride addressed some of the backlash in a post on
her Facebook page, saying, 'Our 1 month old was awake and well secured on my train.' [sic] only issue? Whether or not the baby was safe. It seems like dragging a newborn behind you on the floor cushioned by only a few layers of thin fabric is a recipe for disaster.

It's not like a baby that young can sit up on its own, anything, really. That said, there were no reports of the baby suffering any injuries, so perhaps she was perfectly safe?

Some critics have suggested she should have child protective services called on her, while her friends seemed more supportive than concerned.

It just doesn't seem like the smartest move. Couldn't have she have pulled the baby in an infant carrier attached to a wagon? (At my friends' wedding their 4-year-old pulled his toddler sister up the aisle in a wagon and it was ADORABLE.)

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