The wedding planning continues, slowly but surely, but while I was off from work last week, I crossed a big item off the 'to-do' list!

I found my wedding dress!

I had done a little 'pre-shopping' at a well-known chain to figure out what shapes and styles I like -- and more importantly what looks best on me -- which was a huge help. My far-from-unlimited budget also kept my options in check.

This is NOT the dress...but my face basically sums up my entire decision-making experience. (Laurie Cataldo)

I'm not showing a photo and I don't want to describe in too much detail in case Duzzy's eyes wander this way, but I can say when I tried on the first version of 'the dress,' my mom cried and my bridesmaids gushed about how it made me 'look soooooo skinny.' WIN.

At that point though, I wasn't convinced. You see, I am the MOST indecisive person on the planet. I loathe making decisions, for fear I will pick the wrong thing, or I will pick it and then find something that's ever-so-slightly better, or like it today and hate it three months from now...I will never be the person who tries on a dress and just knows it's 'THE DRESS.'

I asked to try it on in a different color...with a different neckline...with extra crinoline...and I still wasn't sure. I added a veil. I felt bride-y. (I think?) It looked good.

And so with just Mama C. (and the fabulously patient Mayra and crew) at The Barefoot Bride in Red Bank, I found my dress.

It's all the things I wanted...a little beading, a little lace, a little princess-y...and something I can attempt to eat and dance in.

My advice if you're as indecisive as I am? Take lots of pictures while you're trying different dresses on, as that helped me rule out quite a few dresses I thought I liked.

More importantly, think about what YOU like, and what YOU are comfortable in...and remember what's really important: it's not the dress that makes the day, it's you and your person!