Every little girl dreams of her wedding, with visions of her dad walking her down the aisle. Well, what's a Jersey Girl to do when Dad can't make it to the wedding?

Ask Jon Bon Jovi to do it, of course!

Megan Barchowski of South Amboy posted her request to Facebook in the hopes JBJ would see it and accept!

She's planning to get married at the Graceland Chapel in Vegas (where Jon and Dorothea wed in 1989) on February 26th, which is the best possible timing, since Bon Jovi's tour rolls into Vegas on February 25th!

So...she has a legit shot of making this happen...especially since Jon actually walked a fan down the aisle at the very same chapel back in 2013! (In that case, Branka Delic actually created a full website dedicated to making her request a reality, but the point is...THIS COULD HAPPEN!)

Megan tells me that due to health issues, her father is unable to fly to Vegas for her wedding. He told her since he can't walk her down the aisle, he thinks Jon would be the next best thing!

Jersey Bride Wants Bon Jovi to Walk Her Down Aisle
Megan Barchowski, pictured here with fiance Robert Schaaf, and their kids James and Julia. (Megan Barchowski/Portrait Innovations)

As for her fiance, Robert, she says he's very supportive of her request, and actually encouraged her to create the social media post!

She also says she bought tickets to the February 25th concert, so Bon Jovi will at least be part of her wedding weekend in some way. (She should totally make a sign to bring to the show, right??)

Let's help this Jersey Girl's dream come true! Spread the word on social media by tagging Bon Jovi and using #walkthisjerseygirldowntheaisle...let's see if we can make this happen!

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