Nothing has made me want to be back on vacation more than what I've seen online in the last 48 hours.

There's so much nastiness going around, so I'm doing my best to spread happiness and remind people how much beauty and love still exists in the world.

Our last honeymoon stop took us to Oahu, where we stayed in the bustling Honolulu/Waikiki area.

We spent a couple of hours on our first day on surfing lessons, and much to my surprise, I actually caught a few waves! (Many thanks to my insanely talented surfing instructor, former pro surfer Seth Elmer, for his neverending patience!)

We also took some time to explore the North Shore, catch a couple of sunsets, and hike up the infamous Diamond Head. Unfortunately, we missed out on Pearl Harbor, but that's just another reason to go back to Hawai'i as soon as possible!