Giving birth to a child is one of the most amazing things a woman can do, but (from what I've heard) it does a number on your body.

One woman's post-pregnancy selfie is putting that to the test, and it's causing a lot of controversy.

Why? Well, look.

That's 26-year-old Caroline Berg Eriksen...posting a photo of herself on Instagram, 3 days after having a baby.

Much like the fitness blogger Maria Kang (The 'What's Your Excuse?' Mom) was bullied for 'fat-shaming' other moms, Eriksen is facing the same kind of backlash.

Many are clamoring that the Norwegian soccer wife and fitness blogger is making others feel guilty for not looking like her. Some are questioning why the focus is on how she looks instead of on her new role as a mother.

One blogger/critic called the photo 'an act of war.'

Now, I don't look like her before having kids, and I'm pretty damn sure I won't look like her after I have kids...but do I begrudge her for showing off that bod? Absolutely not!

If I were her, as I said about Maria Kang, I'd flaunt it day and night. I'm pretty sure that if my abs looked that way, I'd never wear clothes. I'd just parade around and encourage people to stare.

Should she be focusing her energy on her baby instead of showing off this photo? I'm not sure. I don't think you need to give up all of your individuality, sexuality, or selfies when you become a mom.

Am I jealous of Eriksen? Yep. I'd be lying if I said otherwise. I don't think she's a bully though, just a genetic lottery winner.

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