It's safe to say most of us have battled with our weight at some point in our lives, and one mom is calling out those of us who aren't as toned as we could be, leading to tons of backlash online.

Maria Kang is a 32-year-old mother of three kids. She's also a former pageant queen-turned-fitness model, and a photo of her has sparked brand new MommyWars online.

fit mom 'what's your excuse' picture
Facebook/Maria Kang

The photo, taken in 2011, shows Maria in revealing workout gear, surrounded by her three young kids, with the caption, 'What's your excuse?'

She has been called everything from a bad mom to a bully, and after noting the backlash, she released a non-apology to those she seemingly offended. A full-on #sorrynotsorry.

I'm sorry you took an image and resonated with it in such a negative way. I won't go into details that I struggled with my genetics, had an eating disorder, work full time owning two business', have no nanny, am not naturally skinny and do not work as a personal trainer. I won't even mention how I didn't give into cravings for ice cream, french fries or chocolate while pregnant or use my growing belly as an excuse to be inactive.

What I WILL say is this. What you interpret is not MY fault. It's Yours. The first step in owning your life, your body and your destiny is to OWN the thoughts that come out of your own head. I didn't create them. You created them. So if you want to continue 'hating' this image, get used to hating many other things for the rest of your life. You can either blame, complain or obtain a new level of thought by challenging the negative words that come out of your own brain.

With that said, obesity and those who struggle with health-related diseases is literally a 'bigger' issue than this photo. Maybe it's time we stop tip-toeing around people's feelings and get to the point. So What's Your Excuse? - Maria Kang'

My excuse is I like cupcakes and bacon too much, and working out too little. Honest. *shrug*

I don't think she's a bully, I think she's calling all of us out and it's a hard pill to swallow.

I could wake up 2 hours earlier to fit a work out in. I could dedicate myself to eating clean, but I don't. (Please, Jersey Shore Restaurant Week is coming. Eat clean? I'd rather eat well!)

There are ways to be active and healthy no matter what your circumstance may be.

She's not body-shaming. She's attempting to inspire, and maybe not going about it in a way that's palatable for everyone.

Hell, if I looked like her, I'd flaunt it too...and I'm sure so would all of you!

But until then, I'm gonna eat a cupcake, and I'm going to really enjoy it, knowing all the while it stands between me and a pair of size 6 jeans.

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