It's true. I decided it was time for a change and I wanted to #FightTheMonster and face the fact that I gained weight during COVID. My COVID gain wasn't pretty. I reacted to the pandemic by becoming a squirrel who stored her nuts for the winter.  I ate like I was never going to see a chipwich again.

First, let me tell you this, women in radio get approached to be "influencers" or "endorsers" for products and services all the time.  Some people blindly agree to say they love something that they have never tried.  I just won't do that.

It is my responsibility to understand, use or personally experience what I endorse. I use the things I am not familiar with so I can weed out the BS before it gets to you.  I have said no to many companies because nothing is worth losing the trust of you guys.

When I decided that I wanted to lose the COVID weight, I agreed to try a certain program with the condition that I go on it first to be the guinea pig for you guys. I wanted to live it, feel it and see real results BEFORE I endorse it. If it didn't live up to the hype, I wouldn't talk about it on air or online. Everyone understood and 12 days ago I started. I've lost 16 pounds in 12 days.

I'm ecstatic so far.  I have more energy and I don't feel hungry. I don't count calories. It is hassle free. I want to take a few more days to continue my research and pretty soon you'll hear me talking about it on the morning show.  I want this for me.  I want this for YOU. Almost everyone wants a weightloss solution and I really believe I've found one here.  I'll be walking the walk for a little longer just to be sure that I'm as in love with this as I think I am...then, I promise I'll share it with you! xo To be continued...

With the right program and some focus we can all get back to the size we were in high school.  Ever wonder how our finest New Jersey celebs looked in high school?  I found their yearbook photos!

New Jersey Celebrity Yearbook Photos


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