Everybody's trying to lose weight, and lots of experts say it's all about choices. So, which food choices will be the best to help you lose weight?

Here are some smart choices according to health.com. Try some black beans. They are full of protein to satisfy your hunger, without the saturated fat that you'll find in red meat.

If you, like thousands of others struggle with always feeling hungry when your dieting, oats may be a great choice for you. Just half a cup of oats a day contains over 4 grams of something called resistant starch, which helps your metabolism as well as helping burn fat.

Here's another great suggestion...avocado. They contain the right type of fat. Avocado may curb your hunger as well as being loaded with fiber and protein.

Do you have a sweet tooth that gets in the way of your weight loss? Go out and get some blueberries. They are sweet and delicious and won't hurt you when it comes to calories. (A one cup serving is only about 80 calories) and the fiber they contain will fill you up.

There are plenty of other suggestions in the health.com article, so check them out, and good luck!

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