I have a truck-load of excuses for why I fell off the healthy-eating wagon this weekend, but I was moving and had no kitchen and could not stick to any routine. Here's what I tried to do to make up for it:

First of all, I did thousands of dead-lifts, squats, lunges, chest and shoulder presses and walked for miles as I lifted and hauled boxes and cleaned and scrubbed the old house and the new condo over the course of 3 full days (and for many days leading up to it).

That said, I had very little time to unpack, and didn't get the kitchen set up until late last night, which meant grabbing way too many take-out meals and meals on the go.

Sure I could justify that I probably burned almost every calorie I ate, but by the end of yesterday I was feeling pretty guilty about the way I ate all weekend and was actually looking forward to getting back on a routine and cooking/prepping my own healthy meals.

The best I could do, though, during the past week during the move was to try and choose some options that were the best of the worst, lol. For instance, at Chipotle I chose a bowl with only beans, tofu, guac, and a little cheese. When we got Chinese food I ordered shrimp and scallops instead of beef or the chicken dishes that are deep-fried, when we got breakfast sandwiches I just ate the egg and not the English muffin.

At least I was aware and tried to curb the amount of portions of the bad stuff, and continued to try and drink as much water as I could.

In the past, once I have fallen off the wagon and begun the downward slide of not prepping proper foods, I would give up entirely, collapse on the couch for a few months, and then maybe try again in the spring.

But this time, because I am being held accountable in the program I am doing, I keep the words of my trainer in mind. She is very supportive in telling me not to beat myself up and leave the past in the past because today is a new day.

So I consider it a small victory that I am starting today with a fresh perspective and trying to make the best food choices as I work on leading a healthier lifestyle.

I am continuing to do gym weightlifting workouts and cardio, and love my trainer Karen Megles at The Atlantic Club. If you haven't found a program that works well for you, this one is only $1 a day for two months. $60 dollars for 60 days of a health/lifestyle/gym/trainer/fitness plan PLUS free evening seminars with registered dietician and amazing speaker Robin Lynch on topics including how to shop, cook and eat, how your behavior influences your chance of success, etc.

This is an amazing opportunity at successfully changing your life for the better and is totally worthwhile. This is for non-members of The Atlantic Club and all you have to do is ask your doctor or gyno for a referral to the P.R.E.P. program at The Atlantic Club in Manasquan or Red Bank to participate! No hidden fees, no obligations past the 60 days. Just a chance for your doctor to refer you to the medical-certified Atlantic Club to help you learn to become healthy!

For more info, call The Atlantic Club and ask for Karen Megles in the PREP Program (Physician Referred Exercise Program) and she will help you arrange everything!

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