Tennis is now up and running! Daycare is coming soon! Plus info on how the gym is being prepped to open in both Manasquan and Red Bank! And what about the pools? Here is all the latest info.

I spoke with Kevin McHugh of The Atlantic Club in Manasquan and Red Bank and here is the latest info as of June 10th:

-- Outdoor tennis is happening NOW! (And the tennis balls are sanitized hourly!) So if you want to play or if you or your kids want lessons, CLICK HERE for the phone number to call.

-- The Milagro Spa will open on June 22nd! I know soooooooo many people who can't wait to have hair, nails, and other personal services taken care of!!! CLICK HERE for info.

-- Daycare will be provided beginning on June 22nd!

-- Summer Camps begin on July 6th and registration is now open! CLICK HERE to sign up your kids and let them finally get out and socialize!

The Atlantic Club wants you to know that they plan to lead the industry in terms of keeping you and your family safe and healthy. You can rest assured that this company is using hospital-grade, 100% non-toxic methods of sanitizing and TAC is committed to being #1 for safety and sanitizing every hour of every day in every area: gyms, tennis, summer camps, daycare, spa services, pools, personal training, and group exercise classes.

In fact, at The Atlantic Club, everything is based on a safe and sanitized environment. Kevin even showed me the machine they will be using: an Electrostatic sprayer with non-toxic chemicals! That means that once the gym reopens, the group exercise rooms will be sprayed after each class from ceiling to floor, along with each piece of equipment. This system will also be used throughout the entire day and throughout the entire facility!

That, along with sanitizing each piece of equipment and each area of The Atlantic Club, will become the top priority and job description of each of the 750 team members as they are rehired (as well as the cleaning team) to make TAC an even better, cleaner and safer place for you and your kids.

TAC even brought in members of the Medical Advisory Council to offer their input on safety measures due to keeping everyone safe and healthy in the age of Covid-19.

The gym is being readied to reopen (once the governor gives the go-ahead) in several ways. In Manasquan, they have broken up the fitness room into 3 separate sections and moved the entire free weight section to their gigantic field house in order to provide more room to distance safely while working out and to make each piece of equipment easier to clean.

In Red Bank, The Atlantic Club has acquired the use of an adjacent second building that will be used for all personal training! This will mean the main club won't be overcrowded.

As for swimming, the governor has issued a long list of guidelines that TAC is delving into to determine when they can reopen. Stay updated on that and everything else happening at The Atlantic Club HERE.

So let's join the plea of The Atlantic Club to our governor to please reopen our gyms, which can actually follow safety guidelines better than most industries. We need to be able to work out. Not only for our physical health and to lose weight, but to combat depression, addiction and chronic disease. And for our mental health and sanity!

Thank you to The Atlantic Club, which is setting an example for the entire industry and business community and was asked to be a member of the task force for Monmouth County, for being committed to keeping us healthy and safe!

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