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Liz's Weekly Journal #3: I Found an Awesome Person to Help
As I continue my quest (struggle, actually) to get back to good health by trying to eat right and work out, I realized that one of the most challenging things is finding someone who will support me, check in on me, and carry on a really good conversation with me while I am working out which makes th…
Liz's Weekly Journal #1: Messing Up at the End of 2019
Ugh. Can't avoid it anymore. It's the first Monday of 2020. Time for a clean slate in tackling weight loss and getting healthy after eating like crap and not making any time to work out for the last few months of 2019. Are you also in that place of having to start fresh for the new year? I…
Liz Jeressi's 48 Hours in Nashville
Hopping on a plane to a place where literally hundred of thousands have taken over the city for the NFL Draft seemed like a crazy idea to me...but I went for a completely different (and worthy) reason.

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