I know I am justifying it, but I really couldn't help it. Sigh. That's why I am sharing my journal to lose weight and get healthy with you each week. It's hard to do this alone.

I can't stress enough how much a routine is important and helpful to me. If I am just able to be in the same places doing the same things day after day, I can plan, prep healthy meals and snacks, etc.

But my life is a mess right now. So many unexpected and uncontrollable situations are coming up in my life. Biggest one at the moment --- I have to MOVE in a couple of weeks, which will disrupt, well, EVERYTHING.

On top of that, my son has obligations and deadlines for college that cannot be changed and most of them involve lots of driving, late nights, and being far away where I can't prep or even get to my food or the gym.

Excuses? Yes. Justifications? Yes. But am I still trying? YES.

In case you missed today's story on the air, I had to be in NYC from Sunday through last night. So I knew I wouldn't be able to prep or carry around 'my' foods and that I would have to make good choices.

I resolved to drink lots of water, choose salmon for dinner night one and scallops night two, and walk home from our meetings all 3 nights (3-and-a-half miles.) This was fine on the first night two nights. But yesterday, the way the meetings were scheduled, we had lunch at Noon (I had a quinoa, sweet potato, Kale and grilled chicken bowl) and then we got out of our last session late and I now was faced with walking back the three-and-a-half miles in the rain, in the dark, for our luggage, THEN had to walk another mile-and-a-half to Penn Station to catch a train during the evening rush hour. And wouldn't be home until after 9 pm.

So I was faced with a 10-minute window, after a 5 mile total walk, with grabbing 2 slices of pizza to eat while waiting for the train track to be posted, or have a 9 hour gap (more by the time I drove home) between meals. There was no way being cold, soaking wet, and starving, that I wasn't going for the pizza.

It is what it is.

Back at it this morning. Oatmeal and clementines for breakfast, lots of water with lemon, and some snacks in my bag (an apple before my workout and cheese sticks for after.)

The good news is that I love, love, love my trainer Karen Megles. And if you want to speak directly with her about this amazing medical fitness program called PREP, the bottom line is that you DON'T HAVE TO BE A MEMBER of The Atlantic Club to do this program. It costs A DOLLAR A DAY, for a total of $60 bucks for 2 months of working with a trainer and attending incredible nutrition seminars with a licensed dietician. I have never come across a better, more affordable program that will TEACH YOU how to get healthy. All it takes is a referral from your doctor, gyno, nurse practitioner, etc.! There is no catch, and you will not be obligated after the 60 days to pay any extra money whatsoever.

PS A good friend of mine has had a good experience with the NOOM app. Has anyone else tried that? It's a bit expensive but I heard there is a 2-week trial. It basically takes lots of info from you and then, I guess, gives you the number of calories you should consume or something like that.

Whatever your choice to help yourself and take care of yourself, I wish you well and would love to read YOUR journal entries.

If you have ANY questions or want to try what I'm doing, you can email me directly and I will tell you all about my experience. liz.jeressi@townsquaremedia.com

But the bottom line is that I have hope and HELP and support and I already, after one week, feel like I have a real shot at this getting healthy thing.


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